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Healthy Meal

WHAT should i eat and why? When should i eat? how much should i eat? will carbs make me fat? should i be taking supplements? DOES KETO WORK? HOW MANY CALORIES SHOULD I consume? CAN I EAT CAKE?

Whoever we are and whatever our health and fitness goals, our dietary and nutritional habits will have a major impact on whether we reach them or not. In fact, for many people, food and nutrition is the single most important barrier slowing or even preventing them from reaching their goals.  

Despite this, nutrition remains the most poorly understood element in most people's fitness regimes. A huge part of the problem is the sheer quantity of misleading information that continues to flood the fitness industry and social media. Everyone seems to be saying something different and, unless you have an appropriate background in human biochemistry, physiology, or medicine it can be almost impossible to know who to believe. 

Luckily for you, I have that background. With a combined 7 years of study at Oxford and Cambridge Universities in exactly those subjects, I knows in depth how the human body works in relation to food and nutrition and how to optimise your diet for health and fitness. My aim is to share this information with you, to give you the tools to understand your own nutritional needs, to be able to sort the fact from the fiction and to take control of your own diet to complement your efforts in training.

My nutritional coaching sessions are 40 minutes long and include teaching, training and advice on a range of nutrition-based topics including metabolism, macronutrients, basic biochemistry, supplements and more. Tailored to your needs and current level of understanding, they can also include analysis of your current dietary habits, suggested sample menus and advice on the best changes to make to hit your fitness targets, whatever they might be. 

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