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Did you know, in the UAE only 22% of employees who are given membership of a fitness facility as an employment benefit use it more than once a month? By comparison, 65% of those given a course of Personal Training sessions use all the sessions and, of those, 80% remain more physically active for up to a year after they finish. We all know the value of having fit, healthy and happy employees, and I can help you achieve that, not only by providing One-to-One training, but also dedicated Private Group Training for offices and organisations, as well as health and wellness talks at your premises. Read more below or the use the contact form for further details and prices.

Personal Training

As benefits go, free Personal Training sessions are among the best things you can do to improve the happiness, health and wellbeing of your employees. With a high uptake rate and proven, tangible results in terms of fitness, productivity, days lost to sickness and staff retention, setting your people up for success in this way is a no-brainer. I offer many flexible options to suit your business and needs, so feel free to get in touch and find out more.

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Private Group Training

Looking for a great alternative to your usual corporate wellness events? Want to get your staff moving, push them outside of their comfort zone and foster some genuine team spirit? A Private Group Training package could be just what you need. I design and deliver bespoke bootcamp, circuit and fitness training for anywhere from 2-16 people. These sessions are inclusive, friendly and suitable for all abilities, with an emphasis on personal and team effort over individual achievement, so get in touch and find out more. 


Health and wellness talks

My wealth of education and experience in the healthcare and fitness industries make me uniquely well placed to deliver informative and enlightening talks on a range of topics, including exercise, nutrition and healthy living. My straight-talking approach cuts through the quasi-science and false news of social media and gets to the heart of the issues at hand, leaving a lasting impression on my audiences. I can tailor talks to suit your specific needs, so feel free to get in touch and find out more.

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