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I am a former Royal Marines Commando Officer and Royal Navy medical doctor who has a Masters Degree in Human Physiology from Cambridge University. I left the military after 8 years of service and stepped away from practicing medicine in order to focus on my real passion of sports and exercise training. Now based in Dubai and working as a Personal Trainer, I am committed to using my extensive skills and experience in the fields of health, fitness and nutrition to help my clients achieve their personal goals and to be the best version of themselves they can be.


  • Masters Degree in Human Physiology (Cambridge University, UK)

  • Bachelors Degree in Medicine & Surgery (Oxford University, UK)

  • REPs Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

  • Level 3 Exercise Referral Instructor

  • Bootcamp and Circuit Training Instructor

  • Exercise Instruction for Pre- and Post-natal Clients

  • Instruction of Boxing Training for Exercise

Outdoor Training


In the 7 years that I have worked in the health and fitness industry I have always been guided by the same core principles and these have become integral to how I apply myself and deal with my clients as a Personal Trainer. These principles have developed into an ethos that includes:


INDIVIDUALITY -  No two individuals are exactly alike, which is why I only deliver unique, tailored programmes and guidance for each and every client.

EVIDENCE-BASED - I pride myself on only using training methods and principles that are tried, tested and proven by science - science that, through years of study and practical application, I knows and understand.

TEACHING & COACHING - I believe that being a Personal Trainer is about more than just "instructing" exercise. I empower my clients by teaching and training them to understand their own bodies and how to exercise independently, giving them the tools to achieve their goals in a sustainable way.

RESPECT FOR GOALS - I believe that nobody should be pressured into looking a certain way or striving to achieve results to fit someone else's idea of what's desirable. I will help you achieve your goals, whatever they are, in a professional and non-judgmental way.

SHARED RESPONSIBILITY - I am a firm believer that Personal Training doesn't happen to you, it happens with you. Even the smallest of goals can't be achieved without a certain amount of commitment and effort on the part of the client, but that's ok, because I'm committed to assisting and supporting you every step of the way!

INCLUSIVITY - I believe that fitness, health and good nutrition should be available and encouraged for everyone, no matter your age, size, colour, gender, sexuality or health status. That's why I am equally encouraging and supportive of clients from all backgrounds and all fitness levels, from ultra-fit Marine Commandos to older, first time exercisers.

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